Does improved aerodynamics = more speed?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Aerodynamics is one of, if not the biggest factor that constitutes to speed and effort. We want to go as fast as we can with as little effort as possible. Now, although this may be the case, always bare in mind that going faster does require increased effort, but what improved aerodynamics does, it reduces the amount of effort you are putting in to get your usual speed, thus allowing you to go faster with the extra energy you have now gained.

1- Bike fit

The best and most valuable investment you can make to improve your aerodynamics is with a decent bike fit. Make sure you do your research and look for reviews online or listen to your friends recomomendations. I see all to often people coming to me for coaching after they have had a bike fit, to only find out they have just 'slammed' everything and got as low as possible.. hate to say it but this does not mean you will be faster! This will usuaually put you in a very uncomfortable position, and not allow you to maximise your muscles and strengths. Also if you are looking for a bike fit for triathlon, please ask for a triathlon specific set up rather than the 'fastest' most 'aggresive' bike set up. A triathlon set up should be created to be fast, effient while reduce the fatigue in your hamstrings (your prime running muscles) you want to run well off the bike then please do not go for the 'fastest' bike set up.

Once you have your new position, give it some time, build up gently too. You can spend £500 on a bike fit, following day go and cycle 60 miles and can guarantee you will have aches and pains and niggles. New muscles are working, you need to

This will take a good few months to allow my body and muscles to adapt to a slightly different position. This is not an overnight fix, it is a very worthy investment.

I can recommend Ben at Primocycles if you are looking for a qualified and experienced bike fitter.

2- Wheels

Not only do wheels completely transform the look of your bike, they are also your next biggest upgrade for improved aerodynamics. I cant go into the details of the science with each wheel, this is knowledge from research and also my experience. It is all out there when you start searching for a great new set of wheels.

Things to consider when upgrading your wheels, depth, people will say that bigger is better, more aero, although this may be true, the deeper the section the heavier the wheel. Rear discs for example are much heavier compared to 50mm rim, depth but will of course be faster on a straight, flat track. If you have lots of climbs in your event, I would suggest avoiding the full disc and go for something like a 40mm or 50mm, that's a good compromise, or what's an even better compromise is getting different sizes, shallower on the front and deeper on the back. I currently use a 60mm front and 90mm back, on my TT bike, and my road bike I have set up with a 38mm front and 50mm back.

I am currently using these wheels, and wow, they perform like some of the best.

Follow the above link and get some of the best race wheels money can buy for half the price!

Make sure you use the code ‘spartanwheels’ and get your 10% off.

3- More you

Back to point 1, being that we are the least aerodynamic part of the bike, I would suggest getting a skin suit or some tight cycle tops and trisuits. I have noticed that over the recent years that they have become so popular that almost all cycle clothing brands offer skin suits at an affordable price too. You want the clothing to be tight fitted around your body with as little flapping about as possible. A good suit feels fast, looks fast and garnteed to make you cycle faster. Then top this off with your sexiest cycle helmet. Gone are the days you have to be wearing one of those 'cone heads' you can now get super amazing aero lids, that look like a sexy piece of head wear.

Where do we get our cycle kit from?? here of course Velorevolution

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