Chill out, It's only one event

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

STOP bloody training and panicking. You can not make any further fitness gains in this last week, so NO 'last long easy runs' it's time to fire up the body and chill the mind. Enjoy the build up and hype.

“My top tips for event week:”

1) Relax, get some good sleep and chill out. You have done all the hard work, now is not the time to tire yourself out for no reason, you will only make yourself worse and more tired. Your mind will tire you out more than you think so keep feeding your chimp their bananas and all will be gravy.

2) Focus on short interval based runs, lasting 30-40mins, with about 10 little short bursts of speed, anywhere from 30seconds to 2mins max. This will fire up the legs, sharpen the mind and get you in the right mood for Sunday. A slow run now will make you feel heavy, lethargic, slow.. not good event prep!!

“If your doing the event to enjoy it and have fun MAKE SURE YOU DO"

3) Fuel, stick with what you have been doing, stick with what you know. Don't start changing your diet now, if you have never carb loaded PLEASE do not try this week. You have no idea how your body will react, its a little more complicated than just eating more carbs. Otherwise we would all be over taken by people we see scoffing their faces in McDonalds all week. If you have not trained with gels do not use them on event day, this could stop you in your tracks and ruin your day. If your interested in maximising your performance with nutrition ***********

4) Stay hydrated and make sure you are increasing your fluid intake this week. Hydration has a bigger effect before your event than during. If you are hydrated properly leading up to the event, then all you need to do during the event is take little sips from the aid stations. Don't forget water i not the only thing you need to stay hydrated, its the electrolyte balance that's the real performance booster. Check out **************

5) Remember why you started this journey. If the reason was to challenge yourself, then be prepared to be challenged and remember all those sessions you have done over the past few months and how hard you have trained, all the cold, dark and wet mornings and nights, it was all worth it to smash your goal this weekend. If your doing the event to enjoy it and have fun MAKE SURE YOU DO! smile to your supporters, make new friends, laugh and enjoy yourself, no need to get nervous if all you want to do is enjoy yourself and 'get round'

Stay Inspired

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