Run biomechanics

Most of us are taught how to swim, most of us were taught how to ride a bike, but hardly any of us are taught how to run.

People often describe running as 'bad for their knees', or 'bad for the joints.' This is the same as saying 'swimming will make me drown'

Running is great for our health and our body, providing we are running correctly and efficiently, same as swimming, if you cant swim, the chances are you will drown, so you learn to swim do you don't drown, so lets learn how to run, so you can run safely and get all the amazing benefits of running especially outside.

Running with correct form is not an easy thing to lean, and quite clearly it is not a natural thing for us to do correctly as we get older (I wonder who's fault that is?? Don't worry its not actually yours) but it is is completely doable, you will have to be patient and do all the crazy and weird exercises you will learn on this workshop.

Workshop agenda

What is the 'perfect' run biomechanics

Poor form related injuries

What causes the poor form

Running analysis (practical)

Running drills and technique (Practical)

What trainers should I wear

How should I warm up before running

Breathing and running, the missing link

Stay Inspired

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