Ben Capper

Hi, my name is Ben Capper your Performance Coach

I have 20 years experience working within the fitness industry.  From an instructor to manager, and then making my dream come true by opening my own gym.  I was also the head coach for my @Spartans triathlon club.

I am now focused on coaching and helping other trainers and athletes to get the most from themselves and also from their athletes and clients.

Sharing with you my own athletic experiences as an Ironman world championship qualifier 2022 and also as an experienced and knowledgeable Sports Performance Coach.


I will help you to prepare mentally and physically for what ever goal you wish to pursue.  Weekly programming, daily contact, updates and changes, and using a periodized training plan will make sure you peak at the right time.  Working together we will maximise the time you have to train, to make you a strong, effective, smart athlete.  We do not do junk miles on my watch!

Coaches and trainers:

Whether you are new or experienced, its always good to learn from other professionals.  It could be an area that you are less familiar with but know that your athletes and clients could benefit from.  Maybe you want to broaden your knowledge and give yourself the USP that so many other trainers and coaches don't have.  Its time to level up your knowledge and start to stand out from your competitors.


Love Coach

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